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Learning & Creativity

Creative Expression

Children are given opportunities daily to express themselves through various art mediums including paint, crayons, clay, pencil and collage. As your child's fine motor skills develop, their artistic expression activities become more advanced. Children are exposed to various colors, shapes and textures throughout their creative endeavors and are encouraged to use a variety of materials throughout their activities.

Social-Emotional Development

Social skills and emotional development skills are an important part of your child's overall development.  In our infant programs, you will find teachers encouraging a sense of self and body awareness.  Our toddler programs begin teaching basic self-help skills and beginning socialization skills by encouraging parallel play.  As your child matures, important skills such as using manners, following directions, taking turns and developing friendships becomes the focus. 

Fine Motor Development

As your child's body grows and  develops, so do their fine motor skills.  These skills are encouraged through finger plays and hand held toys in the infant program to puzzle completion, small block play and table top activities in the preschool programs.  Balancing and coordination activities are a favorite for children of all ages and something we continue to encourage throughout all the programs.

Language & Literacy

Language and literacy are paramount in the programming at Tri-Star Academy.  From the infant rooms where teachers are continuously speaking, reading or singing to the children, to the preschool programs where the children are introduced to letter sounds, word formation, character development and story plots.  These themes continue throughout school-age as reading, vocabulary and communication skills are further developed.


You will find math concepts being explored throughout all our centers.  Children are introduced to basic math concepts beginning in our Infant programs .  We start by exploring  spacial relationships and action and reaction concepts.  We continue in the toddler and preschool years with shape, color and number recognition and then advance to comparing, classifying and measuring.

Outside Play

Gross motor development is an integral part of the programming at Tri-Star Academy.  Children are given daily (weather permitting) opportunities to move their bodies, develop their coordination and master their balancing skills several times a day.  These activities take place on our outdoor and/or indoor playgrounds.

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